Why People In Switzerland Are Depressed

Giuliana Cooper
5 min readOct 18, 2021

Utterly depressed.

Wow, amazing, wow wow wow! You have landed a job in Switzerland, congratulations!! Now everything will be better! Now you finally have the money and the means to save the amounts you always wanted to save! Great!! You earn 3 to 4 and sometimes even 5 times more then in your home country, jackpot!!!

After I signed my first contract in Switzerland, I immediately knew, that I have done a big harm to my soul. See, when I went there for my interview day, I have never been so shocked in my life. The people I saw were empty walking shells, and everyone seemed so depressed. I remember, back in Germany at the airport, I called my then boyfriend crying and said that this is not real life there, and also, who is going to play the guitar and sing for me at night? That was what my boyfriend did (he was a talented musician, even though he just did it as a hobby and never took it serious, but I always knew and also told him!! that if for fun he would sing on the street, people would actually stop and listen to him because he was so talented!). Having dinner with him every evening and listening to music together meant the world to me, it was real life to me. He reassured me and said that I should at least try it and that it is a great opportunity for me to save money, I should at least do it for some months..

Some months turned into over 5 years. The break up included. Horrible. I remember, at some point, he always said to me: ‘You will be poorer then before if you stay there.’ He meant financially, but really, the reality was that I was killed inside. My soul had been utterly crushed. Switzerland is a very very very very dark place.

Like with everything, I want to start with the positive, which was everything: I had a great job I enjoyed, money of course, nice friends, a nice apartment.. and to be quite frank, life went pretty smooth for me and I never had any real obstacles to overcome. Sounds pretty nice, huh? It was, at first. But deep inside, it felt wrong from the very first time I touched base in Switzerland. Intuitively I wanted to return immediately, to a poor, but real life.

I just mentioned it: Real life. Switzerland has no real life. Now, let me clarify: Swiss people who were born and raised there, love it and by no means, I do not want to talk bad about them. They are really ok. For people who love nature, hiking and skiing: Switzerland is THE paradise. But, let’s talk about young people, people in their…

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