How To Turn Your Bad Day Around

Giuliana Cooper
2 min readJan 23, 2022

Yes, it matters.

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We all have it. Those days, nothing seems to get us out of bed. Everything feels heavy and we are just not motivated. Maybe it is exhaustion, maybe it is heartbreak or maybe it is demotivation after all.

Whatever the reasons are, you can turn your day around, even if it is only for a bit.

Listen to your emotions, and dig deep inside of you: What is hurting you? What causes you this pain? Instead of avoiding it, address it, and find healing for it.

The next step

Just focus on the next step. You do not need to have figured it all out and no, you do not need to run a marathon today.

No, you do not need to do xyz chores. No, the only thing you have to do, is to breathe.

Step one foot in front of the other and set little goals and tasks.

Get a new cup of tea.

Clean a little area.

Do a little bit of the work you should do. Is it to write an essay? Write 5 sentences.

Just focus on the next step. We all need time to declutter our minds. Sometimes, we feel heavy and that is okay. Not every day needs to be a masterday.

Be gentle with yourself.

Today you are feeling down, tomorrow is a new day and things will get easier.

Be proud of yourself and know, that feeling low from time to time is perfectly normal and justified. We all need to charge our batteries.

Listen to your soul and try to hear what it truly needs ❤

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