God has the Best Intention For Us

Giuliana Cooper
3 min readJan 8, 2024

God has the absolute best intention for our life. He wants to show his Glory through us.

  1. People try to figure life out themselves, but it leaves them empty.

God has a will for our life. People are lost left and right, whereas God has already laid out a perfect plan for every single one of us and it is to yield to God, to earnestly seek God, and let him mold us according to his perfect plan, which is the absolute best for us.

´Teach me to do Your will [so that I may please You], For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.´ — Psalm 143:10

´For we are His workmanship [His own master work, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus [reorn from above-spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good words, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set], so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us].´ — Ephesians 2:10 AMP

The problem is, that many people try to control their life, ´take charge of it´, and act in their own wisdom. Whereas God tells us, to trust him. In today´s world, we are shaped by a society that takes honor in ´husteling´, ´grinding hard´, ´working harder and harder´, but all of that leads to emptiness.

´(19) because the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. It is written in Scriptures, “He catches wise men in their own clever traps.” (20) It is also written in the Scriptures, “The Lord knows what people…