As long as you believe in God and pray.

He knows. He knows how you feel, what you fear and what you wish for. He knows and he takes good care of you. Believe and pray and everything is going to be ok. God is holding your hand all your way along until you get home.

We are never alone. The universe expands. God sends the most amazing people, true love, true friendship, true love, truth. Truth is God. God is the truth. When we keep our head high and look to the sky. Stay straight in our life. It’s unconditional love but in order to be closer to God, stay pure with yourself. Because this is how God created you. Without ego. Pure love and knowing things better than the usual.

A gift has been sent. A present from heaven. True love like not experienced on the same level. One questionmark stays but trust is stronger. The connection already known eventhough not outspoken. Touched by it and also interested. How? Strength. Pure sincer strength.

The belief in God is everything. Believe in God. We will all return home. We will all be united. God protects us, and this is all we need to know ♥️

Thoughts about life, true love, vanity of life and everything in between