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Planting your new, right seeds

This picture has so much meaning. It was a gift, given by a air hostess from a flight from Thessaloniki. It made me cry. Seeds, basilica seeds, how fitting to current life events?

The flower has died, and color has faded, leaves have fallen, the steel has been damaged… the earth; broken down and dried out, sadness.

The flower has to die, it has to be accepted that it’s no longer and ripped out. Many things have to be ripped out so that the garden can be renewed. New earth. The earth needs to breathe…


3 days left, more then happy.

What’s the life, you want to live?

When you have found your soulmate, the one who truly deeply loves you and whom you love, that’s pure bliss. That’s UP the movie.

Congruent. The more you are away from your blueprint of congruency, the more you suffer.

Did you know, that if you let a person write any text, regardless of the topic, and then at the bottom of the page, sign it, and the signature is incredibly different then from the written text, it means the person is not in alignment with his inner life dreams. How interesting is that?

Life. Greece. DXB. Meeting God

Adventure book ✈️

Important note:

‘Don’t kill yourself for a job, that would replace you in a minute if you drop dead the next minute’

Nothing, nothing nothing nothing is ever more important then health; also mental health, nothing is more important.

If you aren’t feeling well, it’s a sign your body is giving you that you need to take a step back, it needs time to rest, to heal.

The most beautiful moments in life… are the ones we spend with God, with our loved ones, when we laugh, when we communicate, when we love….

Deep deep deep deep deep deep down inside, you know what real life feels like; live it ❤️✈️

True love is true love

After all fights, after all drama, after all obstacles. Real love doesn’t dissolve but persists.

Seen wishing a good evening. Seen. Real love. Eyes only on one. Played cool as much as you intend, real love stays real love deep at the core.

Widowed. Life is not a game. It is serious. Tell the person you love today. Tell the person that you love him/her today. You never know what can happen in the next moment. Live in the present moment. Live in the present moment. Live in the present moment.

What has changed in your life? To value every moment. You never ever know. Ego should not have a place in your life. Tell the people you love them.

After 5–6 months, change will show. It will be you. You will get curious.

Time will show.

On Call.

Better to be too emotional, express your feelings always always always, only like this you make room for real love in the future.

Do not be hung up at 3am in a bar caught with someone on your mind, free yourself! No one deserves this power over your head and over your heart if you have expressed yourself — if it’s not meant to be — move on, yes, there are better ones! Yes!

People who live in their ego and do not deal with their emotions … if you feel like knocking on her door, do it…

My eyes opened up widely: He spoke the same words I felt in my heart, and there, I was heard. He hit me deep, very deep. Cleansed my heart and my soul.

Believe in true love. There it was. Found the healing in the same. Around the corner, the sender, message, took action.

- Please cleanse everything : pure from the heart & from the soul. Cleansed completely. Out the weeds, out the old brown sundries Grashalms, — want the fresh pure real honesty.


Decide your life like an Italian Espresso.

Leave away the music, the milk, the foam, the Sirup, the ‘extras’. Just focus on the coffee. That’s all you need. Make your decisions clear cut. Out of everything. Clear clean decision making :) you can do it!


God’s presence in Greece 🙏🏽🏹🕊❤️

Intentions coming from the heart. Pure honesty. From this, seeds can grow <3 love it really really really

Marina, Elias.

Really really really.

3am, light heart.

Do you remember by Jerryd James. 2015. It was real 11115.

Fly dissolve make room

And this moment, something released

‘I want to change’ — the truth.

The seeds from Greece

Going straight into it and confronting the long hold belief

Something is shaken now. Something has shaken, and it’s good.

Being entirely honest, with yourself and thus with your world

Plant your seeds.

Tell the person you can’t stop thinking about since 6 years how you feel. Be genuine open and honest. Do the root work. Know what you long for and be unapologetic about it.

Cut off the weeds, and live with truth. The person you think of deeply in every true love story, a Valentine’s Day encounter, the one, when you feel it, say it. Be truthful. From there truth can grow. Life can be operated from that point.

Operate from truth. Cleanse and be honest and real, from there beautiful things can grow, the right things. 🕊🏹🥰❤️🏹🌹🕊

G. C.

Thoughts about life, true love, vanity of life and everything in between

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